Good Economy = Increased Migration

  • Job Growth and Recruitment

    Public perception about Texas's migrant population is lagging behind the reality, mostly because of the emphasis the mass media outlets place on the southern border with Mexico. In fact, immigration from Latin America for traditionally anticipated employment in agriculture has been decreasing in recent years. Highly skilled work in the energy industries, software development, and other tech related industries has been growing rapidly in the state, leading to active recruitment in those fields both nationally and internationally.

  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities

    Not every immigrant who comes to Texas moves here for work. The U.S. offers incentives for foreign investors who want to open businesses here, including a path to legal residency that allows them to monitor and manage those business investments up-close. This requires careful observation of U.S. tax rules and immigration laws. Legal migrants should keep their visa and paperwork up to date at all times as suggested by a leading Dallas immigration lawyer who works with the immigration system regularly.

  • Who’s Coming To Texas?

    The rise in technology is attracting foreigners and U.S. citizens to migrate to Texas. Many are from Asian countries, but also techies from Florida and California are coming too. Those states are technology driven with large tech industries and strong skill bases in the same core industries Texas has been nurturing. That means their recruitment to businesses in Texas make a lot of sense. With the shortage of tech-related workers, foreign migrants are able to fill those positions and possibly gain permanent residency in the U.S.

What Do These Trends Mean?

If you're a business owner or service provider in Texas, taking these trends into account can help you anticipate growing market demographics and cater to them. For those in other industries, they point to a new pool of recruits you might be able to find in-state before searching for candidates elsewhere. For everyone else? It's a good way to learn about your new neighbors and make new friends.